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Genealogy is the study of our ancestors.  You'll fit into one of two categories: either you have the genealogy "bug" or you don't. It's that simple.  If the spark is there, you will have your own reasons for this interest. Is it worth the effort? Well, the fascination with genealogy is hard to describe. And whipping together a complete family history on a weekend, well that's not happening. It can take years to put it all in place. So I have had the same question numerous times, "Wendy, how much does it cost to do a family tree?" There's no possible way to answer that question effectively, since a multitude of various search methodologies have to be incorporated into a research plan.

If hiring a professional genealogical researcher is what you would like to do, then it is important to be precise in determining the scope of the work to be performed. In other words... how much information do you want to know and, how much do you want to spend? Many people that dabble in family history have come to a stubborn brick wall and they simply cannot get past it. So that's when a qualified professional can perform the research for you on a fee basis and save you hours of time by utilizing the skills they were taught to use. So whether you perform your own research or hire a professional, you'll discover the past is waiting for you.