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Hello! You've reached the home page of my personal family history which contains the compilation of the ancestors and descendants of my grandparents: Philip Lapensée, Josephine Leroux, Leo Cote and Iris Butts. I had a difficult time deciding the title of this page since there are over 500 surnames and 16 generations of genealogy, so I chose my grandparents.

Thanks to everyone for their support and contribution of family names and information toward our big family tree which has grown tremendously after launching this site. If you are looking for your name, well... you will not find it in my online family tree unless you born before 1920. For privacy reasons and identity theft, your personal information will not appear on my webpages (maybe in a photo).

I am however, still searching for relatives of my grandmother Iris Butts, particularly the Randall family. This branch is still very empty and I would love to hear from you. Her father and my great-grandfather, William Jay Butts was adopted at birth and separated from his twin sister, which after years of searching I discover her name is Luella Randall. They were born on November 23, 1873 in Paw Paw, Michigan to parents Bradley Randall and Susan Butts. For some reason, Luella stayed with her birth family and her twin brother William was adopted by his mother's brother John Butts and his wife Joanna Sill. Luella married Joseph Stevens on December 07, 1890 in Van Buren County, Michigan and I believe they had 6 daughters: Susie, Elsie, Veirl, Irene, Unice and Alene. Please contact me with any information.