The Genealogy of

Philip Lapensee Sr.

My grandfather was born just before the turn of the nineteenth century in Cornwall Ontario, a small developing town back then, which lies along the Saint Lawrence River. Philip Sr. son of Joseph Lapensee and Victoire Laperle, was born 4 June 1891, the third child in a family of seven. Philip attended college where he became a tailor by trade and at the age of nineteen, worked in Ottawa sewing uniforms for officers of the Canadian Armed Forces earning 48 dollars a month.

On the 1 September in 1914, he married a young woman, Josephine Leroux, with whom he had been neighbors for many years. After the birth of their first child in Ottawa, they moved to Alberta Canada to settle and raise 6 children together.

Philip Lapensee Sr. died in Vancouver British Columbia on 15 January 1979.

The Family Tree of Philip Lapensee Sr.